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Not sure if Phone over Internet is right for you?

If you are having some doubts about our technology, or the quality of our services, we invite you to accept a free trial for 15 days.

We will send you a Linksys 941 four-line office phone. It is preprogrammed and simply needs to be plugged in to your internet connection at any point.

You can place calls to anywhere in the US for a period of 15 days (up to 10 hours of call time). We will also provide you with a temporary phone number so that you can test incoming calls. At the end of the period, you can keep the phone and establish a regular service plan with us, or return it to us.

All that we require is a $100 deposit, which will refunded in its entirety when you return the phone in undamaged condition.

Use PayPal to make your $100 deposit without having to expose your credit card info. PayPal will also help you if there is ever a dispute about this deposit.

If you prefer a different method of payment, call us at 1-888-250-2712. Or email us at