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Digital Phones

Digital SIP phones look like ordinary phones, but provide a digitized audio signal instead of the old fashioned analog signal that has been in use for the last 100 years. Instead of a phone connector that plugs into a phone line jack, they have an internet connector that plugs into a network connection. The Grandstream GXP2130, shown at the right, is our recommendation for this type of phone. It is a three line phone, which means you can conference up to 3 people, and it sells for $99. When you set up your system, we will provide phones completely programmed and ready to plug in.

Software Phones
If you already have a computer sitting on your desk, there is no need to add to the clutter by having a phone as well. With proper software, your computer can handle all of the functions of a telephone. as well as browsing and email. All that is required is a headset or handset, either wired or wireless, and appropriate software, which we can provide at little or no cost. If you move around a lot, this may be the perfect solution for you.
Using Existing Phones
There are a number of devices called ATA’s (Analog Telephone Adapter), which will allow an ordinary phone to connect directly to the internet. Devices such as the Linksys PAP2 will connect two existing phones to your internet network. If you have a lot of money invested in telephone handsets, this may be the least expensive option for you. (The PAP-2 sells for $75.)
"When we set up our business system, we were on a very limited budget. So we opted for softphones on our computers, rather than buying hardware phones. After trying the softphones, we found that we liked them better than we ever had liked hardware phones, and we continue to use them to this day, wherever we already have a desktop computer." L.M., Wyoming