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For years now, most office desktops have included a computer and a telephone handset. But new technology may soon change that. Panasonic has recently introduced the UT-670, which is SIP Desk Set with a 7 inch Android touch screen. It has all of the standard Android features, which means you can use it as a browser, email client, etc. Presumably, you can rid of your desktop computer and just have the telephone with Android on your desktop. And all this for only about $400.

But there is an easier and better way to get rid of the desktop clutter. Simply add a SIP “softphone” and a headset to your existing desktop computer or laptop. Now you have a full size desktop a screen with a full featured VOIP phone. Softphones are available in a variety of brands, the most commonly used is the X-Lite by Counterpath. When a call comes in, a little pop-up comes on in the lower right corner of your screen, which shows the caller ID and allows you to answer or decline the call.Softphones have most of the same features available on desktop SIP phones, and the cost is much lower. (Xlite, for example is free).

So do yourself a favor and get one more thing off your desk. Put your phone on your computer, and keep life simple. Visit us at to get the complete lowdown on VOIP phone systems for your business.