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Reduced Cost

Big Business Communications on a Small Business Budget
The operating cost of a Business-Phones.US phone system is less than the cost of any system using in house equipment and ordinary phone lines.
No Equipment to Buy
Your hosted business phone system does not require any on-site equipment, except for the phone instruments themselves. Traditional office PBX systems generally require thousands of dollars of installed equipment.
Lower Cost of Calls
Business-Phones.US uses the technology of Voice Over IP (VOIP) to transmit your voice call anywhere in the world for a far lower cost than that of traditional phone lines. We offer fixed rate plans of 1000 minutes a month or more. See the Plans and Prices section for more information.
For phone handsets, you have a wide range of choices, and, in many cases, you can continue to use the equipment you already have. See the Equipment section for more information.
"With the phone company, it seemed like every time we needed something, there was an extra cost. Caller ID: extra cost. Voice Mail: extra cost. Conference Calls: extra cost. The thing we like best about Business-Phones.US is that our cost is fixed, and includes all the features we need for our business." H.D. New Mexico