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Free Test Account

Get a Free Test Account and Prove that VOIP works for you.
If you meet a few simple conditions, we can set you up with a free test account that will allow you to evaluate the features and performance of a system. You will need:
  • a high speed internet connection
  • a computer connected to the internet
  • a headset with microphone attached to that computer
Disaster Proof Service
If you meet these conditions, then you need to do the following to set up your full featured test account:
  • Go to and download the free X-Lite soft phone.
  • Install X-Lite on your computer.
  • Call us at 1-866-553-3833 for your free username and password.
  • Log on and make some test calls. Check the voicemail service and the many other features your new system will have.
In addition to your free username and password, we will give you a few dollars worth of outbound calls through our system. You can call anywhere in the US or Western Europe and hear the high quality sound of a system.