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Disaster Prevention

Disaster Proof Service
Your business depends on its communications. If your phone isn’t answered, your customers immediately begin to suspect the worst. Your reputation may suffer through no fault of your own. Your system is located in a hardened facility with battery and diesel power backup. So even if you lose power locally and your internet is down, your phone will still be answered by the auto attendant and voicemails will be taken. Even if your office is destroyed by fire, your phones will be answered and you can have a new location (such as your home) up and taking calls within minutes.
The data center is fed via three separate power feeds and is protected by two separate generators, and further secured in case of any generator failure via three separate roll-up generator connection points.
Each and every piece of the network is fully redundant: there is no single point of failure. And we have multiple internet connections through multiple carriers, making your system immune to fibre cuts, and all types of natural disaters.
In short, your business phone system, one of your most important assets, is one of your most secure assets with