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If you are concerned about reliability, and useful features for your business phone system, then Business-Phones.US has your answer.

All of our business systems include the following features:

If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us and ask us; we can probably add what you need for minimal cost.

We are not a BIG telephone company like AT&T or CenturyTel. We are a SMALL telephone company. What this means to you:
"Our old in-house phone system was made up of some multi-line phones, and voice mail service from the phone company. Not only was the service sparse, but the phone company was charging us extra for voice mail and caller ID. When we changed to a Business-Phones.US system, we got those features at no extra cost; and we got a host of other useful features as well. Call waiting, music on hold, conference calls: quite a list. And all included at no extra cost." O.S., NY