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The State of the Art in Business Communications Today

Business communication systems have evolved rapidly in just the last few years. If your business phone system is several years old, you may be missing some of the features that can help your business grow and prosper. Consider the following:

If your current phone system cannot handle these tasks, it is time for you to upgrade. And it may by surprisingly affordable.

A Phone System You Can Count On

Xantek servers, Chicago

Xantek maintains telephone switching equipment in three hardened data centers on two continents. One in Kansas City, another in Newark NJ, and a third in Singapore. All facilities are equipped with multiple high speed data connections, and have battery and diesel power backup units in the event of the loss of grid power.

What this means for you is a phone system with 99.999% uptime, available whenever you need it. Even if your business is destroyed by fire, flood, earthquake, your Xantek business phone system remains functional, answering your phones and taking messages which you can retrieve by email. (And, with one phone call to our 24/7 emergency service line, we can reroute your business calls to your cell phone, home phone, or temporary location.)

The Magic of Internet Switching

With old fashioned wireline phone systems, any switching of calls could only occur withing the facility where the service was located. Xantek business phone systems use internet switching, which means that a phone handset in your office and another one in London or Berlin can all be part of the same system. You can transfer calls to these remote locations as easily as transferring a call to your front desk. So remote sales offices, or traveling executives remain connected to your phone system, no matter where they are.

An Office Phone System That Meets Your Needs

Your office phone system is the heart of your business. If you have been working with traditional phone companies, you may not be getting the features you need at a reasonable price.

Traditional phone companies have long operated without any competition, and have followed pricing models that suited their needs, not the needs of their customers. Such things as pricing calls based on the distance between the parties, adding charges for such basic features as caller ID, charging for each line delivered into your office. The list goes on and on, and you probably can add a few of your own.

This is all changing now. Independent phone companies, such as Xantek, are now free to compete with the old line companies, and are adopting entirely new pricing models. These pricing models are designed with YOU, the customer, in mind.

Xantek Office Phone Systems can now offer you a feature rich PBX-like system, with multiple lines running over a single internet connection. Check out our available plans, features and costs HERE.

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